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About MH UK Motors

MH UK Motors is a momentous name in the world of import of used Japanese and Local cars. Quality is the driving force behind the success and popularity of MH UK Motors excellent car import services. With TIS UK, you get a chance to purchase a car which is directly bought from Manufacturers or Sales Auctions held in Japan and sourced via our import agents. Moreover, to save you from any trouble of legal or quality issues, all the cars sold via MH UK Motors have BIMTA Certification, which clarifies that the Mileage of each vehicle was confirmed before import. Buying a new car is no longer a challenging task as MH UK Motors has successfully streamlined the import of new and used cars for you. We are accredited by the British Chamber of commerce and BIMTA which makes us among a handful of car importers who deliver what they promise. Visit our showroom facilities to check out all the majestic cars in their splendor. We also offer expert insurance quotes, consultation, auto parts exchange,and auto parts supply.

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MH UK Motors is operating with a purpose of streamlining the process of new and used car imports from local and Japanese markets so that the buyers can enjoy full-fledged imported car purchasing.


Our vision is to create one of the most influential channels of new and used car imports from local and Japanese markets to grant access to high-quality automobiles and auto parts to a wide range of buyers.

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